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There are many reasons why anyone should consider using a VPN. For example, to protect the identity of your device and your network against cybercrime. Yes, it always serves the best trust of Internet users to use a VPN application. But it's hard to find a free, unlimited VPN. So here I want you to familiarize yourself with a way to download Savage VPN for PC and Laptop. This method is specially designed for users who want to protect vulnerable operating systems like Windows or Mac.

What is Savage VPN?

Savage VPN is one of the development applications developed to help users protect their online identity from network vulnerabilities. It is an open-source application, so you can download it easily from the Google Play Store. But be aware that it's a free VPN that doesn't ask you to subscribe or sign up.

If you are looking for a way to hide your IP address when surfing the Internet, this app is what you should get. Because it guarantees your online privacy and security. And it also helps you find a safe way to conduct confidential online business. No matter if your device is connected to a public WiFi network, there will be no one to monitor your online activities.

For users who want to claim their freedom online, this app works as a tip/treat. Because regardless of your location, this VPN always welcomes users to avoid all online barriers. To visit social portals and websites that are blocked by local network authorities.

And for users who always want to keep track of the time they spend surfing the Internet, Savage VPN is the best. Because its main interface provides details on the connection time, as well as the data spent during the live transmission or downloading of videos. In other words, there's no point in saying no to using a VPN like this.

Download and Install Savage VPN for PC:

Savage VPN is an Android application. But with the help of Android emulators, you can easily download Savage VPN for PC. The good thing is that you can download Savage VPN for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Savage VPN for Mac. The reason behind this is an Android emulator. If you want to install Savage VPN on the PC, you need to follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Download the BlueStacks software on PC / laptop. (Link)
  2. Simply downloading BlueStacks doesn't do the trick, you have to open the file and install it.
  3. Once installed correctly, start it.
  4. The first and only startup will take several minutes, just wait and try not to play with it during this process.
  5. Once the boot is complete, you will be redirected to your boot interface.
  6. From there, just click once on the Play Store icon.
  7. Enter your Google account to start using Google Play services on PC.
  8. Now type Savage VPN - Unlimited Free VPN in the search bar of the Play Store and press Enter.
  9. Click the install button and wait for it to complete the installation process.
  10. Then start using Savage VPN by clicking the Open button

Is it worth downloading Savage VPN for PC?

Yes, if you download Savage VPN for PC, you can claim many benefits. For example, you can always say no to expensive VPN applications that have just been developed for business purposes. Because in my opinion, this unregistered VPN is better than the most expensive and official VPN apps.

By testing this application on my Windows PC, I came to the conclusion that it works similarly to an Android application. Because there is no doubt that you are using an application, but with a very accommodating interface and very easy to control.

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