Best Android Emulator for PC? Complete Guide and Tutorials

Bringing the experience of playing or managing Android applications onto computers is an old wish that has been largely covered by emulators. Although each environment has its own interface, the developers have adapted, through different programs, the resources of mobiles or tablets to operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7 or Mac. In this analysis we will review what emulators are and what they are for, we will explain how to download an Android emulator for PC and we will know the best Android emulators for Windows PCs.

Bluestacks, the most popular emulator

This Android emulator for PC is one of the best. The main advantages of the program are that it is easy to use and at the same time effective when running any app from the Google Play store, such as WhatsApp, Clash Royale or Pokemon Go.

When asked questions like what is Bluestacks, what is it for or is it free? It is important to mention that this Android emulator is one of the most popular.

The program is free and can be downloaded from its official page. Fans of video games, of Android or iPhone devices, can also use cheat engine and modify values ​​to have more money or go to the next level.

The popularity of the software has been such that, over the years, its developers have put Bluestacks 2 and Bluestacks 3 on the market. In fact, the app player already has millions of downloads in the online store and with the approval of Internet users, who have given their approval in the reviews.

Is Bluestacks safe?

Bluestacks is safe as long as it is downloaded from its official website, thus ensuring that it is virus-free. According to members of the online community, it is the best Android emulator for PC.

Download and Install

The emulator for PC is available in Spanish and for operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu. The download is free and there are already several versions that are fully adapted to 64-bit systems.

Some ask the question: can it be online? Yes, the download is possible from the developer's website. On how to download the latest version, just click on the link: "Download BlueStacks".

As for how to install Bluestacks, the first thing is to know what are the requirements that the computer should have. These requirements include 2 GB of RAM, 9 GB on the hard drive, Internet connection and an updated video card driver.

How to use?

When using it for the first time, the program will request to log in to Google. In the end, a screen appears with links to various applications. Clicking on any of them will open the Google Play Store.

Can you install APK?

The answer is yes. One of its features is to install APK files from Windows on Android. If what you are looking for is to transfer files from Bluestacks to PC or vice versa, you have to know the location of the common folder.

Where do you keep the files?

Once the folder is located, the file must be copied or moved to a shared folder. Subsequently, the documents will be sent for availability on the Android virtual device.


Regarding how to change resolution or how to make the software faster, there is a section of the configuration where you can make these adjustments to speed up. In the "System" section you can increase the amount of RAM.

How to put the at sign and change account

To complete this tutorial on how the best Android emulator works, it is also necessary to mention how to change account and how to put @ (at).

As for the first one, you can give us an example of how to change the account in Clash Royale. To do this, click on "Configuration" and then "Connected". Once the account is already disconnected, "Disconnected" must be selected. An option will appear with all the accounts that are added to BlueStacks.

Regarding @, a valid alternative is to enable the virtual keyboard from the emulator.


In this emulator, there are several steps to root. To clarify doubts about how to root, the first thing is to open BlueStacks and press the "APK" option. Then select the KingRoot application directory and choose the “Fix” option to start root.

To update
In the case of observing the message "it seems that your system has been upgraded", one solution is to adjust the values ​​of RAM memory or download the latest version.

Premium version

This version has several benefits, and one of them is having priority attention. In addition, the company offers to remove advertising from the Android PC emulator.

How to uninstall?

To completely eliminate the program, all the documents and folders that are in "temp" must be deleted. Then the file must be downloaded to begin the uninstallation.

Most common problems

Whether during installation or in the middle of using it, the most common problems are going to be reviewed below in this short tutorial or quick guide:

Does not start

When the system is locked at startup, you need to reboot. An important point is to make sure that the computer meets the minimum requirements.

One solution might be to free up the RAM. Those who have reported problems at startup ensure that the system keeps loading or does not start. The most common complaint is that the lightweight Android emulator "doesn't load me", or it gets initialized.

Ask me to pay or install applications
The cause of these problems is that the program was downloaded from an unofficial link, which results in a modified BlueStacks.

Failed to install

To solve the error "I cannot install", you must right-click "Properties", then "Compatibility" and check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode".

Bluestacks is already installed on this machine
To solve this problem you have to go to the "Run" option and put the word "Regedit". Then in the registry editor locate the folders "Hkey_Local_Machine", "Software" and "BlueStacks". On the latter, you must right-click and delete.

Error loading channels: unable to connect to the Internet
To reverse this situation, go to "Settings", "Applications" and select "Gamepop-Start". On the next screen, locate the section "Force stop" and then "Delete data".

I can't uninstall

To solve the problem it is necessary to go to the option "Add or remove programs", then click on "BlueStacks App Player" and select "Uninstall".

Your device is not compatible with this version
In these cases, the application may not match the architecture of the device. One solution is to test if there are other APKs that do match.

On the portal, a page specialized in applications, they offer alternatives to install apps that are not compatible with Android versions. For solutions, take a look at our post on troubleshooting device compatibility error.

It does not open

Go to the taskbar, right-click and select "Exit". Then go to the shortcut icon and click on "Properties", "Compatibility" and "Run this program". Once the new preferences have been accepted, go back to the icon and right-click on the option “Run as administrator”.

The yellow dot

To eliminate the yellow dot, go to the installation folder and choose the courses (png) files. Then they must be copied to another folder and opened in a photo editor. Mark them and remove the colours. The next step is to replace them in the source folder.

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